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JavaBean was co-founded by Wayne Thomas and Joseph Thomas, brothers from Richmond, VA in 2018. The Thomas brothers created JavaBean for consumers who want great coffee for at home or on the go. JavaBean strives to provide exceptional products and service to customers in the United States and around the globe.

Coffee Beans

The Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee embedding the region into history as the first coffee growing region. Our single origin coffee beans have been hand-picked enabling our coffee to be of the highest quality. Our Yirgacheffe coffee has been been processed through the wet-process allowing the coffee beans to ferment for over 72 hours after havinf the fruit and pulp removed by the use of natural enzymes. The natural process also allows the coffee beans to absorbsugars in the coffee fruit creating a stronger full-body flavor.  Our  Yirgacheffe coffee is roasted to a medium to dark level, allowing for a smooth medium body creating a high quality cup of coffee.

JavaBean Charlotte

Love our coffee? Love our products? Value our service? Please feel free to contact us with any questions or potential inquires!

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