Power (W): <750W
Voltage (V): 220-240V

A warm cup of coffee or tea is a key way many of us cope with our long working days. Especially as we transition into the colder months, a warm cup of coffee can be just what you need to keep you going – but it’s not so easy to keep it warm once you’re working at your desk.

AtlasWaves™ heating coaster will keep your drink warm for longer periods. It comes with high-quality heating elements that distribute the heat properly to keep the drink warm. The mini-LED display shows the temperature of the coaster. It has raised borders so that the cup sits on the heating area.

Using AtlasWaves™ Smart Press Heating Cup Coaster means you’ll never have to drink a cold beverage again. It features an innovative design that can warm mugs, teapots, cans, baby bottles, and cartons. Our coaster has a design that can help to minimize the risk of slips that can cause a cup to fall and spill, and can run consecutively for 24 hours or more. It also has a security feature in the form of auto-shutdown after eight hours if needed, and also comes in a variety of colors: pastel pink, forest green, or white.


Smart Coffee Coaster with 3 Temperature Adjustable LED Display for Home/ Office

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