Automatic mixing technology: using automatic fluid mixing technology, it is different from any other self-stirring cup.

Get a quality fluid motor with the push of a button.


Easy to clean:If you don’t need the mixing function, our stainless steel coffee cup can be used as a normal drinking cup.


It is also easy to clean, but do not use the dishwasher or completely soak for cleaning.


Easy to operate:Just press the auto mix button on the cup and the bottom propeller will spin to mix the solute and solvent particles into a cute foam.


No sweat, no trouble, just a product that makes mixing drinks easier.


Safe and portable:This new generation automatic mixing cup is the best way to automatically mix hot or cold drinks!


The leak-free twist open/close cover allows you to bring drinks from the kitchen to the living room, bedroom, car, office, gym, school, etc.

Electric Stainless Steel Auto Self Stirring Coffee Mug Magnetized Mixing Cup

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