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Portable Coffee Machine

JavaBean is the Online Source for Consumer Coffee Products - Including Portable Coffee Machines

JavaBean LLC., established in 2018, was the brainchild of two brothers from Virginia – Wayne & Joseph Thomas. JavaBean LLC offers a wide variety of products designed to prepare, brew and serve the finest coffee on-the-go or at home.

JavaBean LLC’s product offerings include –

●     Home Brewing – more than two dozen options to brew some fantastic coffee, which includes, for example, –         

○     Portable Coffee Filter Options -drip, capsule, portafilter, reusable, and mesh

○     Varying Pour Over Kettles & Thermal Kettles

○     Electric & Stove-pot & Portable Coffee Machine Options/Makers - including Espresso w/coffee bean grinder & frothing options

○     Coffee Bean Grinders – electrical or automatic

○     Cold Brew Coffee/Tea Makers

○     Portafilters

○     Storage Racks

○     Coffee Presses


●     JavaBean’s Coffee Prep Options      

○     Electronic Scale w/ autotimer

○     Coffee Bean Grinders – electrical or automatic

○     Reusable to Capsule Filters

○     Storage Options


●     JavaBean’s Coffee Service Products           

○     Coffee Warmers w/ Wireless Phone Charging

○     Stainless Coffee Dispensers

○     Wood Coffee/Mug Warmers

○     Warmers – with a USB hub

○     Premium Stainless Thermos Travel Mugs and Tumblers

○     Double-layer Glass Coffee Mug

○     Smart Coffee coaster w/LED Display



JavaBean LLC also offers its products, as follows –

●     The JavaBean Tumbler- 20 Oz. – keeps drinks either cold or hot for many hours. BPA-Free and Dishwasher.

●     Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Roasted – 100% Arabica Coffee – hand-picked, full-bodied, and roasted in small batches.


Please contact JavaBean LLC with questions & concerns by email or online. Check out JavaBean’s online help center or FAQs page for answers to common inquiries.

Don’t miss our special offers and updates on social media- follow JavaBean LLC on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. JavaBean LLC’s Shipping & Returns, and Terms & Conditions are available online.

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